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Commercial Flooring

Commercial Floor Options

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Parkland Carpet One is your neighborhood leader in commercial flooring. To get started on your next commercial project, be sure to stop by our Regina, SK store and meet with one of our flooring experts today.


When it comes to commercial flooring, durability is extremely important. Commercial areas such as offices, warehouses, and stores have heavy foot traffic, so the floors will need to be strong and stable. For these types of areas, we offer commercial-grade floors that are specially made to handle traffic and impacts. Certain vinyl and tile floors are suitable for high traffic areas.


Commercial floors certainly need to handle water and other liquids. The floors need to be waterproof to prevent mold and mildew, and they also should be slip resistant as well. Slip resistant floors typically have textured or rough surfaces that are easy to grip. Stone flooring and porcelain tile are particularly slip resistant, and they also are water resistant.


Durability and water resistance are not the only important features of commercial floors; maintenance is one as well. Since commercial areas are typically large, commercial floors should be easy to clean and maintain. High maintenance floors will definitely end up costing you extra time and even money to keep them clean. For office spaces, commercial carpet is a good choice, since it will resists dirt and other particles more than regular carpet.

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