Waterproof Carpet

Don't worry about spills and stains

Tigressa H2O

waterproof flooring Regina, SK

We at Parkland Carpet One know that when it comes to flooring, spills are certainly the biggest fear. We combat this fear by offering a great selection of waterproof flooring options that are suitable for any areas with moisture. One of the most innovative waterproof options is Tigressa H2O, a waterproof and stain resistant carpet. Tigressa H2O is perfect for any setting, especially those with children and pets.   

How does Tigressa H2O resist spills? It includes a patented thermoplastic backing that acts a moisture barrier. This means that the spills won’t be absorbed, so the fluid will remain on the carpet’s surface. Here, spills can easily be wiped up, even if you do not get to them right away. 

The thermoplastic backing is important for two main reasons. First, it ensures that spills do not stain and ruin the carpet’s looks. Second, the backing keeps the subfloor dry, so mold and mildew will not grow. As a result, the thermoplastic backing keeps the carpet healthy enough for your family. Tigressa H2O is also made from strong fibers, so, when it is compared to the average carpet, it is more resistant to fuzzing and pulling.      

Tigressa H2O is surely one of the toughest carpets available today, so be sure to visit our Regina, SK showroom to see it in action!