Preverco Hardwood

Long-lasting style and quality from Preverco

Canada's-Own Hardwood


Hardwood floors are extremely inviting. They are stylish, warm, and, because of their unique wood grains, they seem to have a personality of their own. Hardwood can fit every home or room design, and it is strong and durable enough to stand up to everyday life.

We at Parkland Carpet One are proud to carry a wide selection of Preverco hardwood. Preverco offers tremendous style and quality, so its hardwood floors look good and last a long time. Plus, Preverco hardwood floors are made right here in Canada! So, if you want quality hardwood with a local flavor, Preverco hardwood is one of the best choices.

We offer Preverco Preloc. Preloc, which is considered engineered hardwood, gets its name from its self-locking joints. These self-locking joints make for an easy installation, and they also mean that the wood planks are less likely to buckle and warp. Preloc also has a thick top layer to resist scratches and even some impacts. We also offer Preloc HD, which includes a special HDF core for added strength and stability. Preloc HD has the same self-locking joints and thick top layer as well.

To learn more about our Preverco and our hardwood selection, be sure to visit our Regina, SK store. Our team consists of experts in everything hardwood, so we will be able to help you make the perfect selection.