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luxury vinyl flooring Regina, SK

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most dependable flooring types available today. It is stain resistant, waterproof, flexible, and stylish. In fact, luxury vinyl replicates the natural looks of hardwood, stone, or tile! We at Parkland Carpet One understand the advantages of luxury vinyl, so we are proud to offer a wide selection in our Regina, SK showroom. We carry exclusives such as Invincible LVT, as well as a variety of specialty brands.  

One of our best-performing brands is EZ Lay, which is based here in Canada. Unlike other brands, EZ Lay only offers luxury vinyl flooring. As a result, EZ Lay truly is the unmatched expert when it comes to luxury vinyl tile and plank. It utilizes advanced processes and quality materials to offer luxury vinyl flooring that simply performs better than the competition.

EZ Lay offers two luxury vinyl floors: EZGrip and EZFit. EZGrip is specially designed to meet Canadian standards. It will not expand or contract, regardless of environmental stresses. Likewise, EZFit is built to last a long time, as it includes a super-tough wear layer and special backing. 

In addition to style and durability, EZ Lay focuses on an easy installation. EZ Lay floors can be installed over all flat hard surfaces, including hardwood, concrete, and vinyl. There are a few different installation options available, from the unique TIGHT-FIT method to the more common glue down method. No matter which installation process is chosen, the overall installation is straightforward for any professional or even the DIYer.