Healthier Living Installation

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Exclusive Installation

Parkland-Carpet-One-Regina-SK-Healthier-Living-Floor-InstallationAs part of the Carpet One cooperative, we at Parkland Carpet One have access to exclusive brands and services. One of these services is the Healthier Living Installation. The Healthier Living Installation is a safe, clean, and reliable flooring installation service that puts the safety and health of our customers first.

The Healthier Living Installation is a highly-specialized process that results in a clean and healthy installation. First, our installers vacuum the subfloor with a HEPA vacuum. This eliminates 99% of particles such as dust and dirt. Next, our installers apply HealthinEx Antimicrobial Treatment. This treatment minimizes irritants including dust and odors, and it also resists mold and mildew. The treatment is water-based and totally safe, and it even has been registered with the EPA to meet certain guidelines. After the treatment is applied, our installers will again vacuum the floor with the HEPA vacuum to make sure that the subfloor is completely clean. Once the subfloor is clean, our installers will proceed with a full flooring installation.

We take flooring installation very seriously, so we are proud to say that the Healthier Living Installation is only available from Carpet One stores. What this means is that we are the only store in the area to offer this safe and healthy flooring installation process. To learn more about the Healthier Living Installation, be sure to visit our Regina, SK store.